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Citrix Synergy 2014 Summary

Posted by Donald Wong

May 28, 2014 11:41:12 AM


Attended by thousands of IT professionals, business decision makers, industry analysts, community bloggers, ecosystem vendors, and partners,  Synergy offers attendees the opportunity to learn the Citrix vision, strategy and roadmap for all their products at the one time, in the one place. Augmented with technical breakout sessions,  administrators and engineers have the opportunity to deep dive into the upcoming technology,  empowering them to plan for those solutions.  Previously virtualization was the biggest buzz for lowering TCO, and while still relevant, it now seems that SaaS, cloud and mobility are promising the next chance to dramatically reduce cost.  Below please find a brief recap of observations made by Donald Wong, Cloud Architect & Christian Grejsen, ERM. Both Donald and Christian have worked with virtualization technologies for 15+ years and have extensive experience with server, application and desktop virtualization.“

Same tools, more capabilities. Citrix wants everyone to build a cloud using the Citrix framework. There was an overwhelming amount of VDI optimized storage solutions at Synergy this year in addition to some software I/O optimization vendors. Nimble, Tintri, X-IO, Nexenta, Tegile, among others all excel at one or two features that each claims to be better than their competitors, but none stands out alone nor has every checklist item: price/value, dedupe, compress, manageability, etc. Pure Storage is an intriguing solution. They are an all SSD/Flash array and proclaims their prices is the lowest even when compared with hybrid SSD/SAS arrays. Cisco has a new DaaS solution, partnering with Quest, to provide a Citrix hybrid Cloud platform through their network and compute hardware while leveraging Quest for the provisioning and app delivery. This was the closest solution in the market today that will compete with the AHP solution.

Quote of the night came from Rick Dehlinger, CTO of nGenx, during an open panel discussion regarding building Citrix Cloud solutions with a customer and analyst

Customer/Analyst - “...can’t make the numbers work”

Rick Dehlinger - “Brother I feel your pain”

This essentially is echoing the same sentiments from many of us who have looked at building viable Citrix Cloud solutions.

Emphasis on productivity, user experience, and Cloud everything
Mobility – XenMobile 9 is being released. Better MDM engine, newer control for MAM. More robust than previous version 6. Many demos were performed with Worx Home mobile workspace apps (I.e. Worx Mail). Seamless app roaming from tablet to mobile device was also demonstrated.
Citrix Workspace Services –Cloud based platform to help clients and service providers to bring mobile workspaces to the cloud. “Cloud desktop is a shell” enabling developers to create the full service could offering. So a cloud developer can take one specialty, create the cloud service, using Citrix tools, and ShareFile, NetScaler, CloudBridge, etc. and making it easier to connect to other clouds built similarly. Azure is the preferred platform for Citrix Cloud computing. Beta available Q4 2014
Citrix Receiver – New version of Citrix Receiver for Mac is being enhanced to include HDX client-side offload capabilities. Windows Receiver interface will now allow company branding (images, icons, themes, etc..)
Help is on the “Horizon” – For existing VMWare horizon customers, Citrix is offering huge discounts to move to XenDesktop.
XenServer – No news which actual says a lot!
Desktops as a service – mentioned many times, but no real examples Dell announcing “DaaS for $250” but no details, probably VDI in box or the Quest desktop. Not cloud. All version updates, builds, administration, etc. are manual.

XenMobile MDM w/ Worx
Allows logical partitioning of your personal phone / tablet. Worx mobile app allows for simply enrollment, download your company certificate, profile, security policies, These apps can be customized, logos added, etc. Other apps can be picked up from the app store. The device is managed but only the corporate side, and if need be it can be selectively wiped without impacting existing (personal) apps.

GoToAssist is integrated for helpdesk assistance.

MDX policies allows you to manage security and control and interactions between apps on mobile devices, micro VPN, etc.

Worx Mail – secure mail, calendar and contacts, creates micro VPN if needed to access intranet

Worx Web – secure mobile browser w/ access to intranet

ShareFile – full secure access to on-premise and cloud storage. Shares files via links

HD Faces is live video to/from any device.

Worx can deliver mobile specific apps.

Enterprise secure storage solution. With storage zones, storage can be configured for on-premise, cloud, or both.

Connectors to network shares, SharePoint, etc., so internal files can be accessed via ShareFile.
You can send files as links and can have expiration setting.

Also, you can send an email to request a file from someone else, and include the link they will send it to, for later retrieval.

So with SharePoint, a user can check out a document to a tablet , make changes and check back in, all via ShareFile.

ShareFile Sync replicates local files into your ShareFile space for access from any device.

ShareFile On-Demand Sync is optimized for XA/XD session. Files and Folders will be treated as stubs until accessed so space consumption is optimized.

Provisioning Services
Machine Creation Services / Provisioning Services?
Is Citrix killing PVS? Yes and No. I have confirmed this with a Citrix TRM. They have cut back significantly the PVS development team. Citrix is pushing MCS.
No, lifecycle same as XenApp

Citrix Cloud Platform/Manager
The cloud framework and web app that allows full manageability over public or privately hosted app infrastructure. Multi-tenancy model is the ideal platform for this solution. User on-boarding, bill-back model, reporting and performance tracking were emphasized.
A lot of the sessions are recorded. Some are publicly available already. Here are some demos during keynote.

Citrix WorkSpace Services
Citrix Receiver X1
Citrix Receiver for Mac OS


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