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HP vs. VCE Converged Infrastructure: A Comparative Assessment

Posted by Angela Restani

Nov 25, 2014 5:00:00 AM

The powers of virtualization and cloud computing have become central to IT's operating at an accelerated pace. These technologies have also created an age of unprecedented complexity. Converged infrastructure frees up resources for innovation, and have greatly reduced the administrative burden on IT managers by completely changing how systems are designed, deployed, maintained, supported, and upgraded.

Not all converged infrastructure offerings are created equal. It’s critical to ask how far the vendor truly goes towards delivering on the promise of a vendor-delivered and supported system.

Converged infrastructures met with immediate success when introduced to the market in late 2009, and HP and VCE were among the first vendors to innovate with them.

How does the installation and operation of each vendor's system compare to the vendor-delivered paradigm?

VCE's Vblock is a vendor-delivered system for highly virtualized and cloud environments. It has created optimized vendor-delivered systems by selecting best-of-breed components and providing a family of systems that match the needs of a range of customers.

HP is backed by years of focused engineering, R&D investments, and decades of data center experience. HP converged infrastructure solutions are making data centers simpler, more flexible, more efficient, and less expensive to operate.


VCE Vblocks are built using storage from market leader EMC, which is a long time storage market leader.

HP’s storage solutions are based on leading server technologies from HP. These platforms inherit the management, performance, and power efficiency benefits of the latest generation of industry-leading HP servers, and takes advantage of a single storage architecture for addressing all data storage needs, including information backup, protection, and analytics.


In most cases, VCE Vblocks are capable of shouldering operational loads within 45 days from customer order, and 48 hours of delivery.

HP’s system offerings are shipped pre-integrated. Installation and software configuration is done on-site. That shortens the procurement cycle from order to operations in 20 day, which is better than half the time it takes to deploy VCE Vblocks..


VCE delivers risk-free patch bundles with predictable outcomes on a regular basis. This eliminates the customer's need to select and test each patch, released at unpredictable times, against their specific configuration.

HP offers intuitive management at the system level instead of the component level. It is possible to manage, monitor, verify, and patch converged systems -- storage, networking, and comput -- as one.


VCE handles upgrades in the same fashion as patches: each new component is tested against each shipped system configuration to ensure compatibility. By the time the new components reach the customer they can be installed with minimal interruption.

HP provides newer versions of components that are preselected, pretested and certified for interoperability and design integrity and are ready for immediate non-disruptive deployment. 


VCE supports a single point of contact for service request management and responsibility.

HP, as a converged infrastructure, also has one point of accountability. Problems are prevented and resolved through system-level integrated support and backed by a comprehensive portfolio of leading technology support and consulting services.

Converged infrastructure solutions offer a way for IT to accelerate innovation by reducing time, money, and resources spent on deployment and administration of infrastructure systems. Converged infrastructure solutions help to overcome the inflexibility and high costs created by IT sprawl, while making your company able to shift more resources to innovation and strategic initiatives. Converged infrastructure solutions are designed to create data centers that are simpler, more flexible, more efficient, and less expensive to operate.

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