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HP Insight Online Direct Connect Remote Support

Posted by Shawn Scanlon, VP of Technology

Mar 21, 2014 9:46:41 AM

HP has announced their new feature for HP Insight Online and HP remote support.
It allows for HP ProLiant Gen8 servers and blades to communicate directly with Insight Online without the need for HP Insight Remote Support (IRS) installed within the customers data center.

This will allow more customers to take advantage of HP's "Phone Home" support feature. Direct Connect still allows immediate alerting to HP and HP Partners such as HPM Networks.

HPM Networks has been using HP Insight Online and Insight Remote Support with their existing customers to assist in faster issue response, automated case creation and quicker time to resolution. Direct Connect will allow HPM to offer a "controller-less" approach with clients that do not want extra software installed in their environment.


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